Flexible polyurethane foam

(Type T)

Flexible polyurethane foam (Type T) is manufactured by the company in five basic densities:

  • 17 kg/m3
  • 20 kg/m3
  • 22 kg/m3
  • 25 kg/m3
  • 35 kg/m3

The foam may also be dyed – in accordance with the Client’s wish. Currently it is produced in 9 colours:

  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • violet
  • orange
  • black
  • red
  • pink
  • white

Foam production technology allows for using a wide range of foam colour and density combinations. It makes our product more competitive on the market

Flexible polyurethane foam

Flexible polyurethane foam (Type R) can be used:

  • in furniture industry – mattresses, pillows, headrests, fillings, armrests;
  • in clothes industry – as shoulder pads;
  • in cosmetics and chemical industry – as washers, sponges, dishcloths;
  • in rehabilitation industry – as elements of wheelchairs, armchairs;
  • in industrial sector – as separators;
  • in sports industry – (chamber mattresses) with the dimensions of, for instance: 6000x3000x600 mm. 

Flexible polyurethane foam (Type T) has the following characteristics:

  • small rigidity loss during use;
  • high resistance to high and low temperatures;
  • lack of heavy metal compounds in the process of production;
  • high stability of dimensions;
  • indifference to the influence of bio-pathogenic factors;
  • ability to be used to disinfect and wash;
  • lack of physiological reservations to foam application;
  • high resistance to chemical substances;
  • durable foam dye colours;
  • due to adding a bleach to T-17(28) foam, the foam becomes whiter;
  • air permeability due to open foam cells;
  • dust-free and hygienic foam processing;

A list of physical and mechanical parameters of a flexible panel of polyurethane foam (Type T)

Apparent density, kg/m3 15,5-17,5 19-21 21-23 24-26 34-36
Hardness (ILD 40%), N 110-140 110-170 130-190 140-200 150-220
Resistance to stretching, kPa not less than 90 100 110 120 120
Elongation at break, % not less than 120 150 150 150 150
Permanent deformation, % not more than 10 9 8 6 6
Colour white white white white pink

We offer:

  • foam blocks of 2000x1200x1000 mm (L x W x H);
  • in a processed form – 3 mm thick panels as well as mats, moulders, bolsters;
  • mattresses of any size for sports industry (chamber mattresses) with the following dimensions, e.g.: 6000x3000x500 mm, or as ordered by the Client.
31--200x290-ct1 29--200x290-ct2 30--200x290-ct3  

National Institute of Hygiene

(certificate for a T-17 foam)

National Institute of Hygiene

(certificate for a T-20 foam)

National Institute of Hygiene

(certificate for a foam with density from T-22 to T-60)
  • We cut out mats and moulders in accordance with the dimensions provided by the Client.
  • The price is established individually and it depends on mat moulder dimensions, size of order and selected density. Please send requests concerning the prices of selected products to the following e-mail address: andrzej.marciniak@jag.pl
  • The foam is forwarded to any place in the country. The cost of shipment depends on the size of order. Our products are packed in a manner which prevents them from damage during transport.
  • Should you be interested in calculating the cost of transport, please send us information concerning the size of potential order and the place of delivery to the e-mail address: logistyka@jag.pl

Please place all orders via

jag@jag.pl or tel./fax: +48 62 76 341 35.

In order to avoid errors, please follow the rules of providing dimensions in mm.



Straight moulder dimensions = length (1) x width (2) x thickness (3)

- if a moulder is 50 cm long, 40 cm wide and 30 cm thick, please write:
moulder 500x400x300 mm


Bolster dimensions – diameter (1) x length (2)

– if a bolster has diameter of 50 cm and is 40 cm long, please write:
bolster 500x400 mm


Band dimensions – length (1) x width (2) x height (3) x cut height (4)

– in the case of a band which is 50 cm long, 40 cm wide, 30 cm high and is cut at up to 5 cm, please write:
band 500x400x300/50 mm


Half-bolster dimensions = length (1) x width (2) x height (3)

- in the case of a half-bolster which is 50 cm long 40 cm wide and 10 cm high, please write:
half-bolster 500x400x100 mm


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