We would like to acquaint you with the use of a rigid rebound foam in construction industry as a material for floor coverings, the so called RTA-200 system.


Our offer is addressed to design studios, construction companies, repair and assembly companies, decor companies and individual clients.

R-200 TR polyurethane panels are used directly as a floor covering for various foundations (e.g. concrete, wood).

We offer you foam in two basic dimensions:
- 2000 x 1200 x 10 mm
- 2000 x 1200 x 5 mm.

There's also an option to order an underlay of any thickness.


Flexible rebound polyurethane foam (Type RTA) has the following characteristics:

  • small rigidity loss during use;
  • high resistance to high and low temperatures;
  • lack of heavy metal compounds in the process of production; ;
  • high stability of dimensions;
  • indifference to the influence of bio-pathogenic factors;
  • lack of physiological reservations to foam application;
  • high resistance to chemical substances;
  • air permeability due to open foam cells;
  • dust-free and hygienic foam processing;
  • slow-burning – (specifying resistance to flame in accordance with norm PN-EN 1021-1 and PN-EN 1021-2).


A list of physical and mechanical tests of a flexible rebound panel of polyurethane foam


Apparent density (kg/m3) 200 ± 10%
Min. resistance to stretching (kPa) 250
Min. elongation at break (%) 60
Min. hardness (N) 2500
Max. permanent deformation (%) 15

Source: tests conducted on behalf of “JAG” PPH Spółka z o.o.



R-200tr polyurethane panels may be placed on any foundation. To prepare a foundation, you need to remove all the dust from it. In the case of a dusty foundation (e.g. concrete), it is advised to prime the concrete with varnish or a primer for dusty and porous surfaces.



For adjusting R-200TR panels and floor coverings we recommend a double-layered tape for floor coverings. Unroll the tape onto the prepared foundation and stick it to relevant sections. It is important to place the tape in such a way to connect panel edges. Next, remove the silicone paper
from the tape adjusted to the foundation. Arrange R-200TR polyurethane panels and press panel edges firmly.

m1 m2
1. Adjusting a double-sided tape to the foundation and removing the paper. 2. Adjusting R-200TR panels to the floor. The tape connects panel edges.



Adjust a double-sided tape to arranged polyurethane panels. Lay the floor covering, adjust it and measure accurately. It is advised to lay the covering perpendicularly to arranged R-200TR panels. To adjust the covering, remove silicon paper from a double-sided tape from R-200TR panels.


3. Edges of the covering are connected with a double-sided tape.

Next, lay the covering, which has been already measured and adjusted. Press the covering firmly at the edges, in corners, in those places where tape has been adjusted. The tape should be placed in such a manner as to connect edges of the covering. We advise to remove the silicon paper from the tape gradually, one roll of the covering at a time.

  • We cut out mats and moulders in accordance with the dimensions provided by the Client.
  • The price is established individually and it depends on mat moulder dimensions, size of order and selected density. Please send requests concerning the prices of selected products to the following e-mail address:
  • The foam is forwarded to any place in the country. The cost of shipment depends on the size of order. Our products are packed in a manner which prevents them from damage during transport.
  • Should you be interested in calculating the cost of transport, please send us information concerning the size of potential order and the place of delivery to the e-mail address:
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