Rigid polyurethane foam

(Type PIR)

Among the wide range of thermo-insulating materials available on the market, panels made of rigid polyurethane foam have the lowest thermal conductivity rate. In practice, it allows for using a thinner layer isolation.

We produce PIR foams in four densities:

  • S-37 kg/m3
  • S-42 kg/m3
  • S-63 kg/m3
  • S-105 kg/m3

Also on offer we have a PUR foam with lower density:

  • S-35 kg/m3

Lower foam densities are used for thermal insulation and filling polyester laminates. Densities from 42 kg/m3 to 105 kg/m3 are used with the constructions which require an increased foam hardness.



Rigid polyurethane foam

Panels made of made of rigid polyurethane foam are used:

  • to insulate: walls, floors, ceilings, flat roofs, sloping roof;
  • as a sandwich panel core;
  • in refrigerating, shipbuilding and automotive industry.

Granulate polyurethane foam is used in hard-to-reach places, where the use of panels is difficult or impossible.


Dust made of rigid polyurethane foam is used to produce, for instance, a heavy-duty clearing paste.

A list of physical and mechanical parameters of a rigid panel of polyurethane foam (PIR).
Densities from 37 kg/m3 to 105 kg/m3.

Foam symbolMax. thermal resistance (°C ) (PN-93/C-89024)Max. water absorption (% capacity) (PN-93/C-89084)Min. closed cell content (%)
(PN-ISO 4590)
S-37 110 1,5 % 92 %
S-42 110 1,5 % 92 %
S-63 110 1,5 % 92 %
S-105 110 1,5 % 92 %
Foam symbolFoam density (kg/m3)
Flammability class
(PN-EN ISO 11925,DIN4102)
Max. thermal conductivity (W/mK)
(Anacon TCA-8)
Min. resistance to pressing (kPa)
(parallel to the growth of the block)(perpendicular to the growth of the block)
S-37 37 ± 10 % E (B-2) 0,026 300 160
S-42 42 ± 10 % E (B-2) 0,026 370 200
S-63 63 ± 10 % E (B-2) 0,026 550 280
S-105 105 ± 10 % E (B-2) 0,035 1000 900

National Institute of Hygiene

Technical Recommendation of ITB

  • The foam is forwarded to any place in the country. The cost of shipment depends on the size of order. Our products are packed in a manner which prevents them from damage during transport.
  • Should you be interested in calculating the cost of transport, please send us information concerning the size of potential order and the place of delivery to the e-mail address: logistyka@jag.pl
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